Green Tee Inc.


Green   Tee   Inc  is   a    company   that dedicates itself to premiere brands that are  not  represented  in  the   Philippine retail  market  and/or  brands  that  have been   misrepresented   in  the  country. Initially,  GTI made its mark  with  Brand Nike  becoming   only  the  second "key  retail   partner"  of  Nike  Philippines. Launching our first Nike Park store in August 1999,  GTI currently  runs  and operates   24  Nike   controlled  shops nationwide. GTI in 2003 became Nike's Number  1  retailer   in the  Philippines,  and the largest (Nike Controlled Shop) retailer in South East Asia.

In November of 2003, GTI penetrated the retail fashion  trade  with the  opening  of the first GA Store  in  Greenbelt  4 in  the country. Furthermore, in the first  quarter of     2004   GTI   managed  to  bag   two additional brands namely:  UCB  (United Colors of Benetton),  and  Sisley.  With  the addition of  GAS, Benetton  &  Sisley Brand to its roster,  GTI  shaping  up  to  be a major  player  in  the  arena that is Philippine retail.

As we continue to spearhead the representation of other  foreign  brands  in our country, we have acquired the brand Yosi Samra - fold up flats in October 2010. To date, we have recently launched our first Football concept store - Bootcamp Katipunan - Philippines' Premier Football Shop. 

Our Mission:

Our mission is precise and clear: a tactful, profit-oriented growth expansion plan that adheres and upholds the principles of NIKE, GAS, BENETTON, SANUK and YS brands. There's heritage, traditions, and name.  

Our Vision:

Our vision is even more basic: to be undisputed Philippine leader in Fashion and Sports retail  in all facets of the business  including product mix, customer service, know-how, profitability and growth. 


2012 - Re-entry at The Podium - Nike Park



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